Not a good idea to split comp.lang.python!

Warren Postma embed at
Fri Mar 3 17:28:43 CET 2000

> Just say no to splitting.

Problems with Splitting are:

1. Everything you wanted out of splitting already is done on threaded news
readers with filtering. Get one if you don't have one. Therefore, it's

2. It's harmful to Python's progress. For example, comp.lang.python.newbie
is an especially flawed idea. Either (a) you are a newbie, or (b) you should
be helping newbies.  If not, just filter or skip newbie threads. Keeping
experienced and new users seperated is counter productive.

3. Newsgroup volume is not consistently in the hundreds of messages a day
range, it's more like maximum of 50 a day. That's not enough for two healthy
newsgroups. Better one healthy one than two or five anemic ones, several of
which will be completely empty most of the time.


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