lf11 at lf11 at
Wed Mar 22 03:14:44 CET 2000

This matters for functions outside of direct callbacks;

The symptoms are that all GTK UI functions screw up.  The buttons lose 
their "OnMouseOver-ish" behavior.  The entire UI goes blank if you cover 
the window, then uncover it.  Once the UI is blank, the buttons will 
show up again if you click them.  Etcetera.

The problem is that any GTK function ouside the main string, modifying a 
part of the mainloop(), trips up the interface.  For example, if I try to 
redraw a GtkList from a function called from a callback...

threads_enter() and threads_leave(), which are supposed to do the job, 
hang the whole script for some reason.

Can I have some help with this?



P.S.  NOTE the funked-out e-mail address.  Make the appropriate deletions 
to send mail to me.

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