mxODBC SQL Type error with MS SQL Server

George Thom@s georgethomas at
Wed Mar 29 15:17:30 CEST 2000

Hi there,
I had experienced the same problem ( SQL type (code -9) not implemented
) and I reproduce below a fragment from Marc Lehmburg's
(mal at	numerous patient replies to my queries.

-------------mal at said -------------------------
SQL type -9 is not defined in ODBC 3.5 AFAIK. No idea what
type this is. The next version of mxODBC will support
unkown types by fetching them as strings, but the current
one cannot deal with them, sorry.

Personal Addendum: If you open SQLUCODE.H in the INCLUDE directory of
your Visual Studio installation, you will find a line that reads

#define SQL_WVARCHAR         (-9)

Hope this helps.

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