IIS + ASP + <#@Language=Python#>== performance_hit

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Mon Mar 6 19:08:06 CET 2000

I did post in a similar thread regarding this issue but received no
useful response. Basically, what I've done is the following:

Using both MSFT's WCAT and WAST, I did some benchmarking with 10 asp
pages that performed various functions including recursive computation,
session object creation and others. The scripting languages I tested
were Python, VBScript, PerlScript and JScript. The following is a
snippet of the results of the top 2 performing scripting languages:

Number of hits:               26604
Requests per Second:          44.34

Socket Statistics
Socket Connects:              26604
Total Bytes Sent (in KB):     12923.05
Bytes Sent Rate (in KB/s):    21.54
Total Bytes Recv (in KB):     33137.40
Bytes Recv Rate (in KB/s):    55.23

Number of hits:               20091
Requests per Second:          33.49

Socket Statistics
Socket Connects:              20091
Total Bytes Sent (in KB):     10660.20
Bytes Sent Rate (in KB/s):    17.77
Total Bytes Recv (in KB):     25211.17
Bytes Recv Rate (in KB/s):    42.02

Both PerlScript and Python resulted in slightly poorer performance than
JScript. Because there is a cost involved in processing the language
directive in an asp page, I set each scripting language as the default
in the Internet Services Manager for the respective test and omitted
the Language tag altogether...similar results. This is unfortunate
considering that Python has such an attractive library that provides
much more functionality than either VBScript or JScript.

Anyone had similar results or explantions for this obvious MSFT slight?

In article <MPG.131f73d4f6fe880e98969a at news.nettally.com>,
  Tom Funk <no_spam_tdfunk at nettally.com_spam_sux> wrote:
> A similar thread started here a few weeks ago, then seemed to die.
> was no definitive answer, though.
> I've noticed a *definite* performance hit from my ISP when their IIS
> server delivers pages containing <#@Language=Python#>.  There seems
to be
> a consistent 7-8 second delay while serving such pages.  Pages that
> use this directive, or that specify VBScript or JavaScript, don't
> the same fate.
> I tested with an ASP page that looks like this:
>   <#@Language=Python#>
>   <!-- or VBScript or JavaScript or nothing at all -->
>   <html>
>   <head>
>   <body>
>   <p>This is a test
>   </body>
>   </html>
> This page should load nearly instantaneously.  However, using Python
> @Language causes a consistent 7-8 second delay.  There's no
> delay for VBScript, JavaScript or when the Language directive is
> completely.
> A previous suggestion was to change the default language for the site
> from VBScript (or JavaScript) to Python.  Did anyone try this?  Does
> actually work? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions?
> some portion of the Python run-time be recompiling on each call
> IUSR_COMPUTERNAME doesn't have write access to a directory on
> and the .pyc files are never created)?
> My ISP tends to be slow to respond to requests, so before I ask them
> monkey around with my site's IIS settings, I'd like to know if what
> asking for will actually work.
> Thanks in advance.
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