another easy (im sure) newbie question

Shaun Hogan shogan at
Wed Mar 1 15:07:42 CET 2000

ok i started learning python a week ago.
ive followed Guido's tutorial and another one, i have a good grasp of everthing up to Classes, now the example in the tutorial 9.3.2:

                        class MyClass:
                                 "A simple example class"
                                 i = 12345
                                 def f(x):
                                     return 'hello world'
is where i am at.
the tutorial says "MyClass.i and MyClass.f are valid attribute references, returning an integer and a function object,"
MyClass.i returns "12345" fine...but MyClass.f gives me "<unbound method MyClass.f>"
how do i get it to return "hello world" or whatever its supposed to do?

also what does the error message "TypeError: unbound method must be called with class instance 1st argument" mean???

simple answers im sure, but its got me stuck.
any help would be great 

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