Python tutorial/comparison for C++ programmer

Jason Stokes jstok at
Fri Mar 24 05:47:08 CET 2000

Grant Edwards wrote in message ...
>In article <m31z51repu.fsf at>, Michael Hudson wrote:
>>I suppose it could be viewed as competition to VB, but then that's not
>>really relavent until Python gets a flashy point n' click GUI, and
>>even then, if micorsoft ship Visual Python (tm), how does this impact
>If the language implemented by "MS Visual-Python" isn't 100%
>compatible with the official, free version of Python, then life
>gets less pleasant.

If Microsoft did for Python what they did for Perl, I think people would be
quite happy.

If Microsoft did to Python what they did to Java, I think people would be
much, much less happy.

If Microsoft did to Python what it does to its own scripting language,
Visual Basic, that is to say bugger it up with every new release, I think
people will be fuming.

Contributing to a porting project: good.
Taking over the language and, in the language of the Halloween document,
"decommodifying" it: bad.

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