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Tue Mar 14 19:02:24 CET 2000

Lenny Self wrote in comp.lang.python:
> Hello.
> I am a little frustrated. After looking all over the place ( Learning
> Python, the Python Pocket Reference, Library Reference) I have been unable
> to find how to append to the end of an existing text file using python in
> any way other than reading the entire contents of the file out to a list,
> adding the additional information, and then writing it all back to the
> original file.  I know there must  be a better way to do this; for the life
> of me, however, I seem to me unable to find it.
> Can anyone help me out?

open(filename, 'a')

'a' for append. I'm sure it's in those books you named as well, but it's also
in the output of "print open.__doc__".

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