Calling C++/C function from embedded python

mister at mister at
Sat Mar 11 12:25:08 CET 2000

Dear Pythoneers,
I am able to call C extensions from Python and I am able to call
Python embedded code from a C function, but what I would really like
is to be able to call C++ function from embedded Python. How? Could
someone help me?
I already read docs on extending/embedding Python but not to avail (at
least for me).
Many, many thanks for your time.
P.S. This is the scenario: I need to hook a function key (ctrl-F12) in
Windows, when the user press this key I need to run some customized
python code that uses some C++ primitive functions that reads from a
terminal screen. Then I need to send the read string to a DDE server
(:-((. Got the picture? There are too much things I'm sure Python is
not able to do so I think I need to embed it in a C++ program (Borland
C++ Builder).

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