JPython vs. Javascript?

Kojo Idrissa kojo at
Mon Mar 27 08:32:27 CEST 2000

Hello all.  I am new to Python and I've got a question (surprise).  I'm
teaching myself Python, but I'm also thinking about doing some stuff
with Javascript to add some functionality to some web-pages (surveys,
on-line tests, allowing people to interact through the web and "respond"
to a site).

My question is this:  How do JPython/Java applets compare with
Javascript from a functionality standpoint?  I'm thinking it would be
nice to not worry about learning another language and get more mileage
out of my knowledge of Python by using JPython to turn Python code into
Java applets.  I'm just not sure of the pros and cons.  My guess is that
it's probably more an Applet vs. Javascript question, but I'm not sure.
Any insight would be appreciated.



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