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>Hello.  I am rather new to Python and programming in general.  I have
>created th following function in order to display the contents of a query
>from a MySQL database in an HTML form.  With the number of records I am
>working with the table building portion of this function takes quite some
>time ( 7 - 10 seconds).  7 to 10 seconds isn't all that bad but it's
>possible the database will grow quite a bit and displaying all of the
>records could take quite a while.  Does anyone have any suggestion for me
>that might help speed this function up?

Side note: even if you speed up table creation, your users will get
pissed at tables that have more than about 100 records.  It takes a
*long* time to generate the screen.  You might want to find some way of
nicely formatting the data without tables; another option is to make
each row its own table (forcing you to specify the width in %).
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