Apple, Unix and Windows

Brian Elmegaard be at
Tue Mar 28 10:57:54 CEST 2000

Ivan Frohne wrote:
> "Using an Apple is like keeping Kosher: the believers
> would not live any other way, but they cannot eat with
> members of other religions.  Using Unix is like preparing
> your own meals from recipes in the 'Joy of Cooking': the
> effort involved initially exceeds the palatability of the
> results, but experience eventually brings satisfaction.
> Using Microsoft Windows is like eating at a MacDonald's:
> you can find one anywhere, and the food will keep you
> going, but it would be sad if there were no other restaurant
> in town."
> [Harold Boas, The American Mathematical Monthly, v. 107,
> No. 3 (March 2000)]

But luckily most people don't HAVe to go to MacD. each day.

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