newbie JPython PyInstance problem

Douglas du Boulay ddb at
Wed Mar 15 08:29:00 CET 2000

I am experimenting with  Hannes Wallnoefer's  xmlrpc for java  using
but am having problems with the xmlrpc client  in that I can't determine
the type of
complex objects when they are returned to the client from the server.

Primitive types i.e. strings, ints and doubles are seemlessly converted
to python  equivalents,
but the xml  <struct> or <array> types, which should be mapped to Java
Hashtables  and Vectors
are returned with the python type() of   'org.python.core.PyInstance' .

What are the attributes of a PyInstance object and how could I know
whether it should be
coerced  back to a  python dictionary or list?


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