req: OO SQL gen module?

Jean-Louis Leroy jll at
Sun Mar 5 18:25:20 CET 2000

> I am looking for a module that does for SQL what Perl's, Python's
> HTMLgen, and DOM libraries in various languages do for HTML and XML.  Right
> now, both Perl and Python require me to manipulate SQL at the string level.
> Tools like, HTMLgen, and DOM, on the other hand, let me manipulate
> trees at the semantic level, and then translate the tree structure into text
> when necessary. This seems like the right way to build, store, and
> manipulate SQL queries.
> If anyone has done something like this (in any language), I'd be grateful
> for pointers or references. Please mail me directly (gvwilson at nevex dot
> com), as I am not a regular reader of all of these groups.

Take a look at SQL::Statement, SQL::Builder and perhaps Tangram, all
available from CPAN.


VLR		Jean-Louis Leroy

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