Splitting comp.lang.python

Mikael Olofsson mikael at isy.liu.se
Wed Mar 1 14:44:46 CET 2000

On 01-Mar-00 Gerrit Holl wrote:
 >      Python language + builtin functions <-> Python modules + extensions
        c.l.py.pure                             c.l.py.modules

That could be a fairly clear division. I'm not trying to dissapoint you, 
but I think that some people would say that many of the modules should 
be considered as a fundamental part of the language, e.g. sys, string, 
and others. I can imagine a newbie asking in c.l.py.pure: 

  How do I do string conversion in Python?

The dissapointing answer would be:

  Good question, ask at c.l.py.modules!

And I guess a newbie would be confused if these were the only news groups.
Perhaps the best thing would be to keep c.l.py as it is as the general
place for discussion, and then adding subgroups for specific interests.
There are already mailing lists for _very_ specific interests. 


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