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Cesar Lopez clopez at
Tue Mar 14 12:57:46 CET 2000

Thanks for your reply.

I did the e-mail in this way becouse in a previous one, I tried to
explain all my system and nobody reply me.

The main problem it is, that I´m working with an embedded system, an
Hitachi SH-1 Low Cost Evaluation Board. without Operative System and
other kind of features usuals in this systems.

more information about my system in

I´m working in defining a method to build device drivers for an embedded
python library. Then when I finnish my project, all people could use my
investigation to do the same. First I´m trying to light on a green led
that it´s connected to this board. I´ve build the "driver" in C code and
I´ve get the wrap file using SWIG. Then I´ve link the new objects to my
previous embedded python library, and try to run an embedded
program in the SH-1 Evaluation Board but doesn´t works.

So if you have some idea about how can I solve this, or a better way to
solve this problem, please e-mail and help me.


    Cesar Lopez

Sorry for my poor english.

Erno Kuusela wrote:

> >>>>> "Cesar" == Cesar Lopez <clopez at> writes:
>     Cesar> How do I acces to the low-level of my system? I mean, for
>     Cesar> example, I want to access and configure the speed of my
>     Cesar> serial port using a Python program.
> It depends on your platform, as the std python distribution doesn't
> have platform specific serial io modules and accessing serial ports is
> not defined by C.
> If you happen to be using a unixish system, just opening
> the serial port and using the termios module or stty(1)
> should work.
>     Cesar> I've tried building an extension C function and the call it
>     Cesar> from Python, but doesn´t works.
> You are doing it wrong then :) If you tell us how it fails to
> work, people may be able to help.
>  -- erno
> PS. This is in the FAQ. You should look in there before posting,
> so the newsgroup/mailing list doesn't get fooded with
> repeated questions on the same topic.

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