Embedded COM using Python + Remote OLE Automation?

Joal Heagney sctheagn at kraken.itc.gu.edu.au
Sat Mar 4 04:39:00 CET 2000

This is a little off-subject, but I would be really interested in a
python-OLE interface, but one that could patch into StarOffice
(StarOffice seems to have implemented the basics of DDE and OLE). I've
been trying to hunt down some references on StarOne, staroffice's API.
The plan was to create a chemical structure editor that could embed
chemical OLE objects into a starwriter document, and hopefully save the
document in microsoft word format.

The reason why I'm asking the python group about this is that I plan to
write the program in wxPython (For cross-platform compatiblity). The
choice of GUI was a little arbitrary, it's the only one I've seem that
allows me to draw arrows and dotted lines (though I'd prefer dotted
wedges,) without having to resort to a self-defined overlaid drawing
function. If I can tap into the StarOne API, I may end up using their
GUI (I'd prefer not to, just in case Sun decides it's going to make
acquiring StarOffice more difficult in the future).

Anycase, if anyone has some information on the StarOne API, I was
planning to write a seperate python interface to it, just in case the
Sun licence made releasing any connected code under the GPL difficult.

Thank You, and it would be deeply appreciated if people would send any
replies by email as well as by newsgroup. Sometimes it takes me a day or
two to check out newsgroups, and by then replies have the annoying
tendency to have vanished.
	Joal Heagney/AncientHart

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