Memory leak in wxPython?

Gerald Klix gklix at
Thu Mar 23 22:05:16 CET 2000

Rolf C Stadheim wrote:

> Are there any memory issues in Python I should be aware of (correct clean-up
> after using modules ect)?
> I'm loosing "massive" amounts of  memory for every opening/closing of a
> python application with wxPython (between 0.2 and 0.8 MB for every
> opening/closing)!
> I have testet several scripts on two machines, and everytime there is loss
> of memory.
> This memory cannot be reclaimed in any other way than rebooting the machine.
> Too bad, since I was on my way to implement wxPython in a commercial
> application.
> I'm hoping, however, that the fault lies with me, and if so, what could it
> be?
> Rolf C Stadheim

Which OS do you use?

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