mxODBC import problems

Ulf Engström ulf.engstrom at
Wed Mar 8 13:44:30 CET 2000

There is a module in the distribution of Python named odbc (lowercase),
which you can import with
import odbc
When you're now trying to import the ODBC.Windows one it sees the odbc from
Python instead and gives a case mismatch. When you try to import
odbc.Windows instead, it tries to import from odbc, but there's no Windows
on that one.

To solve this you go to the dir as stated in your traceback,
filename C:\Program Files\Python\win32\odbc.pyd
and rename that file, to oldodbc.pyd or something. After that it should run
smothly with
import ODBC.Windows
Good luck


Max ran into:
 > I have just installed mxODBC on my NT machine by putting the odbc
 > into  "c:\program files\python\Lib\"
 > I installed mxDateTime the same way and the testprogram ran nicely.

> (filename C:\Program Files\Python\win32\odbc.pyd)

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