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Wed Mar 22 18:12:48 CET 2000

With the May issue of Linux Journal we are including a 28-page supplement on 
Python.  As a special deal for Python fans, we are making this issue/supplement
available for free.  The info is on our main web page at

The only catch is that we ask a few questions as we want to see what
your interests may be.  No other strings.

If you are into Monty Python I think you will really enjoy the supplement.
The parody starts with the cover and continues throughout the supplement.
Besides the humor (which is in the form of graphics), you will see
the following articles:
  * Computer Porgramming for Everybody by Guido van Rossum
  * Why Python? by Eric Raymond
  * JPython by David Ascher
  * Mailman by Barry A. Warsaw
  * Book reviews on three new Python books
Plus you get a whole (180 page) issue of Linux Journal.

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