A comp.lang.python code snippet archive?

Hans Nowak hnowak at cuci.nl
Wed Mar 1 21:42:49 CET 2000

On 1 Mar 00, at 21:01, Mikael Olofsson wrote:

> On 01-Mar-00 Moshe Zadka wrote:
>  >  Yes: why not have a pysnippets at something.something, which you can CC >
>   on any message, and have it automatically appear in a snippets page? I >
>   know I wouldn't mind adding the CC: for snippets I post.
> Just curious: Would you remember to do that all the time? I, for one,
> would forget it within a month.

It can be worse... there used to be such an address, but I always forgot to 
check it... :o)

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