Python w/MS Outlook / MS Exchange

Fred Pacquier fredp at
Fri Mar 31 10:07:33 CEST 2000

junkster at (Benjamin Schollnick) said :

>     I was wondering if anyone has found a way to look up Email
>     address's, 
>etc, in python from a MS Outlook "global" Address book?
>     Basically, at work we are using MS Outlook, and I want to write a 
>that will take a user name, and list their email information.  
>Unfornately, it's a global
>address book out on the outlook server....

This is not a direct answer but an alternative.
If your Exchange server administrator has opened, or is willing to open, 
the LDAP service, it may be easier to leverage existing Python code using 
OpenLDAP to achieve the same thing.
I have tested the package from and it is pretty much 
push-button ; as a bonus it doesn't use the Python win32 COM extensions so 
you can run it on whatever you please...


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