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Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Thu Mar 16 17:19:03 CET 2000

Cesar Lopez <clopez at> wrote:
> I´m working in defining a method to build device drivers for an embedded
> python library. Then when I finnish my project, all people could use my
> investigation to do the same. First I´m trying to light on a green led
> that it´s connected to this board. I´ve build the "driver" in C code and
> I´ve get the wrap file using SWIG. Then I´ve link the new objects to my
> previous embedded python library, and try to run an embedded
> program in the SH-1 Evaluation Board but doesn´t works.

Have you tested the C code in isolation? Does the green led work then?

As far as I understand, if the C function works, and the C function is
called the right way from Python, it should all work; there shouldn't
be anything Python is doing that would stop this kind of thing 
from working.

I may be mistaken though -- does your C function work? Have you tried
a dummy C function that generates some other output, to test if your
C extension works from Python?


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