Request for suggestions: a Workflow application

Chui Tey teyc at
Tue Mar 21 10:36:30 CET 2000

There was a project around involving serverless version control. Basically
using email/other mechanisms. I don't have the link anymore sorry.

David <invalid.address at> wrote in message
news:38d53171.56301831 at
> Very cool, both vivtek's and Alessandro's ideas.  A year or so ago, I was
> heading toward doing the same sort of thing, but ended up needed to focus
> my attention elsewhere.
> My goal was to create a document-sharing/locking system operated through
> EMail, so that my workteam could edit documents without stepping on each
> others' toes (or, at least, less often; EMail does have that lagtime error
> risk).

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