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Sun Mar 5 18:16:42 CET 2000

Martijn Faassen <m.faassen at> wrote:

> Bijan Parsia <bparsia at> wrote:
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> >         "Python merges many of Smalltalk's ideas with a syntax that is
> >         more likely to appeal to C, C++ and Java programmers".
> > I rather suspect it appeals more to Pascal and Modula-2 programmers :)
> > And poor Dylan, which sold it's soul to mixfix only to be doomed to
> > obscurity, in the general world, and scorn from its progeniters.
> I don't know -- I always preferred C and C++ to Pascal (and Object Pascal
> in Delphi). I don't know Modula-2 or Dylan and only have passing familiarity
> with Java (the syntax's like C++ anyway). And I like Python's syntax a lot.

Ah! But would you have liked it more if you had always prefered Pascal
*et al* to C and C++? *That* is the question! ;)

I love counterfactuals!

> That's just a single case in point, I may be just weird. :)

You sound quite sensible to me. But, some might think, that *is* rather
wierd ;)

> No-I-*am*-just-weird-ly yours,

But-perhaps-not-weird-enough-ly y'rs,
Bijan Parsia.

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