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>On Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:12:04 GMT, nobody at nowhere.nohow (Grant Edwards)
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>> It's been a log time since I've heard much about APL.  I found
>> it unpleasant, but perhaps my APL experience was tainted by the
>> fact that I had to use it on dumb terminals attached to a
>> heavily overloaded VAX running VMS, and all of the documentation
>	Guess I was lucky. My college had two or three Tektronix storage
>display terminals with a true APL keyboard.

You *were* lucky.  In high school we did have an IBM 1130 (desk sized thing)
with an APL disk (disks the size of garbage can lids).  You needed to use
a special selectric typeball to get the special characters, but at least
they were engraved into the keyboard.

All was bliss (haha) until some idiot dropped and smashed the typeball.
No more APL.  Sniff.  Back to Fortran and Punchcards for us wicked children.

-- cary

>	Kind of interesting to think that APL was designed for algorithm
>publication, and only made a real language after the fact...
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