XML DTD for Python source?

Howard B. Golden hgolden at my-deja.com
Fri Mar 3 17:59:50 CET 2000

"Greg Wilson" <gvwilson at nevex.com> wrote:

> Greg (who is still looking for a DTD for a programming language)

Please take a look at our new open source project, eXtenDE, which is
intended to be a programming IDE organized around XML, at
http://extende.sourceforge.net .  We are working in the same direction,
though we don't have any DTDs yet.

I would like to switch to XML to represent (externally, not internally)
program text so that we could avoid the kind of arguments the Types-SIG
has had recently trying to define a syntax to add optional static
typing to Python.  Part of the problem with conventional syntax is the
difficulty of decorating the syntax with new features.  In a
hierarchical structure like XML, adding new decorations is easy.

By the way, I don't propose that humans edit program source in XML
directly.  Instead, I hope that we will end up with visual editors that
hide the XML.

Howard B. Golden

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