Best book to learn Python?

Ken Seehof kens at
Wed Mar 1 10:52:04 CET 2000

Snoopy :-)) wrote:

> There is a New Book which supposed to be a very good one for Beginners. It
> is expected to be available March-21. Published by "SAMS".
> The Title is:  "Teach Yourself Python In 24-Hours"
>  The  Author is: Alan Gauld.

Cool title!  I happen to know that it is possible to Teach Yourself Python
In 24-Hours, because I successfully taught it to a friend of mine in less time
than that, and without a computer until the last couple hours.

> He also has a Tutorial called "Learning To Program" which I found very good.
> You can get it at the following Site:
> Good Luck.
> Best regards;
> Snoopy :-))
> Quill wrote in message ...
> >I'd like to learn Python, and I want to purchase a good book. I'd like
> >one that is suitable for a beginning programmer. If anyone has had any
> >success learning from a book please let me know. Please post responses to
> >the group.
> >
> >Thanks in advance

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