HELP: restore my faith in Python

Steve Holton sholton at
Tue Mar 7 09:47:09 CET 2000

Johann Hibschman wrote:

> I can see the FAQ now...
>    Q1.1.2.3: Why can't I divide integers?
>    A: You drooling moron!  You need a 10-page owners manual and
>    instructional video to handle the notational complexity of
>    Tic-Tacs, don't you?  As every schoolboy knows, the integers are a
>    *ring*, not a field, you simpering simpleton.  Oh wait!  Let me
>    guess!  I have to spell it out for you, you festering wombat boil.
>    You can't divide integers by integers and get integers.  Understand
>    now?  Now go out there and don't do it.  And read Herstein, while
>    you're at it.

Now THAT's the way to flame.

I hope I'm not supposed to be taking this personally...;-)

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