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shrif at yahoo.com shrif at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 22:16:29 CET 2000

     I know this is off topic, but I was wondering if someone could
help out.  I have a web page that I've set up.  I'm trying to get the
user to transfer to another site, but the key is to use *a set referral
number*!, but I don't think it's working.  When they switch over and
sign up, I don't see that on my accounts page.  The web page I've set
up is at http://surfandgetmoney.com .

If you go to http://surfandgetmoney.com , you'll be able to get
transferred to a referral page .

If you know what the problem is, please e-mail me and let me know ( at
shrif at yahoo.com ).  Or you can respond here publicly, and I'll try to
check back.


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