compile on aix 4.3

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Tue Mar 7 16:38:58 CET 2000

Sounds like it's probably a licensing issue on the
compiler. More than likely it's sitting in the
background waiting for you type "1" and hit enter.
I've run into this a lot on AIX. To see what I
mean, try compiling something like hello World
and I bet you'll get a message that compiler
licensing isn't configured correctly.




In article <38C38B00.3E44D373 at>,
  Gidon Friedman <gidon at> wrote:
> hi to all
> i get this problem with my first time
installation of the latest python
> source, i'd appreciate any hint:
> -------------------------snip------------------
> # ./configure
> creating cache ./config.cache
> checking MACHDEP... aix4
> checking CCC...
> checking for --without-gcc... no
> checking for gcc... cc
> checking whether the C compiler (cc  ) works...
> ------------------and now it hangs
> thankx
> gidon

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