kwargs to COM

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Mar 29 12:10:32 CEST 2000

Keyword args are not supported unless you are using makepy
support.  This has nothing to do with Unicode.

Its unlikely to be fixed Im afaid - it would require a decent
amount of work on both the client and server sides of Pythoncom.


"Ulf Engstrøm" <ulf.engstrom at> wrote in message
news:001901bf9963$3f5f85a0$d200a8c0 at no...
> Hello :)
> I just built a little tool which I intend to use as a
COM-server. It all
> works except for the fact that I can't use keyword arguments.
> When I call it as
> str(server.funct('hello'))
> I'll get the correct return, but if I do:
> str(server.funct(word='hello')) I'll get an error:
> TypeError: unexpected keyword argument: word
> (And yes, I use the right keyword argument, word is there)
> How do I fix this? Since it's a type-error, is this the
com-unicode thingy
> creating this error? Is there a way to solve it before
unicode-support in
> 1.6?
> Regards
> Ulf

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