When Python 1.6 is scheduled to be released?

mlauer at trollinger-fe.rz.uni-frankfurt.de mlauer at trollinger-fe.rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Mar 20 10:43:59 CET 2000

Fredrik Lundh (effbot at telia.com) wrote:

>     This concludes the 1.5 development cycle. The main development
>     focus will be on Python 1.6, planned before the summer of 2000.
>     The new release schedule provides for a 1.7 release later in 2000
>     (or early 2001); after that, we'll be working on "Python 3000" (the
>     new code name for the grand Python redesign; the language will
>     be incompatible)"

> where "incompatible" means "similar, but better, and not fully
> backwards compatible"

Hmm... just wondering... is anybody _really_ thinking about this
long-term plans or is it more of a joke saying "of course we will
continue to maintain it, dude :-)" ?

Are there concrete design goals what to change / add to the language
in 2.x versions yet ?

    Regards & Gruesse from Mickey @ http://www.Vanille.de
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