Rational-Rose and Python ...

John Mitchell johnm at magnet.com
Wed Mar 29 18:22:55 CEST 2000

UML with Python would be pretty spiffy.  Tools are *very* convenient for
doing bulk design-level changes without modifying 1-2 lines in dozens of
files.  They can also generate pretty diagrams from code, for
documentation and/or presentation to the client.

On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Bill Scherer wrote:

> I think it's time a project was put together to develop a UML tool in
> python.  I don't have the time to manage such a project, but I would
> volunteer to help with design, coding, testing, and even coordination as
> much as I could.

I thought Rose already supported (output of) Python already?

Or, check out (open source) ArgoUML http://www.argouml.org/   :

"ArgoUML: The Cognitive CASE Tool

    The goal of the ArgoUML project is to build an object oriented design
tool that is:

 * A joy to use (we really mean it), 
 * Actually helpful to designers when they are making design decisions, 
 * Completely open source Java, 
 * Leading edge (supports the latest UML specifications), 
 * Modular and extensible, 
 * Integrated with the web and other Tigris tools."

It's odd they mention "joy to use" and "Java" in the same paragraph, but
whatever.   Hey -- they're already funded by SourceXchange!

- j

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