Newbie: Is there a faq for this newsgroup?

Jason Stokes jstok at
Sun Mar 12 15:10:15 CET 2000

Aesop wrote in message <38cb9f9a$0$1338 at>...
>        Been programming in python for, well about 2 days now. Have a whack
>of dumb questions that are probably guaranteed to see me flamed to death.
>there a FAQ anywhere? oe better still anyone got any good links to tutorial
>type sites for people who have not touched a computer language in about six
>or so years?

Try the tutor mailing list, linked to at the Python web site:

Also, the Python community are relatively forgiving of "dumb questions", at
least compared to the average computer professional, so just dig in and ask
(comes of the Computer Programming for Everyone idea and the fact they
prefer to work with a humane computer language rather than a sadistic one
like Perl.)  The only questions that sometimes draw hostile responses are
those of people who haven't bothered to read the tutorial or looked in the
library reference for what they need.

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