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> >>You can easily do low level Windows programming(pipes, threads,
> >>etc.) And of course, the important word is _easily_. It's much
> >>faster to write win32 python and win32 C++. And, if you need it
> >>to be C++, you can first get the basic idea working in python
> >>1st.
> >
> >This can hardly be overemphasized. There are even hints that
> >Microsoftians are catching on to the reality that Python is the
> >best language for Win32 development. Think how remarkable this
> >is.
> Then you know what happens next: They start to ship MS-Python.
> With almost-useful, almost-compatible, almost-working
> extensions and changes to the language and libraries.
Would this be possible?
Can anyone just bundle the merits of all the years of free python
development and ship it commericially?
Isn't there any license from GvR preventing such things?

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