IIS + ASP + <#@Language=Python#>== performance_hit

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Wed Mar 1 01:27:30 CET 2000


In an article posted Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:48:51 GMT,
Steve Holden (sholden at bellatlantic.net) said:
> As a matter of interest, is there any functional difference between
> <%@LANGUAGE=Python%>
> as used by John, and expected according to all ASP materials I have seen, and
> <#@Language=Python#>
> as used by tom in his original post?
> regards

Uh... LOTS of difference!  What I originally worte was *completely* 
incorrect.... Sorry.  I wrote it wrong once and then copied the incorrect 
code all over my post.  

Thank you for the correction.

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