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Tue Mar 7 23:12:08 CET 2000

Cameron Laird wrote:
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>                 [Maybe Java can be
>                 used for everything;
>                 in any case, Tcl is
>                 crap]

Well, Java will never take off with "scripters" so whether it could be
used for scripting or not is irrelevant because it won't be. It also
isn't appropriate as a CP4E language.

> Paul and I could happily go off in a corner and split hairs
> for--well, for a long time.  I disagree with several claims
> about Tcl, Java, ...; those who truly care about the details
> are welcome, as usual, to ask.

You know a lot more about Tcl than I do. I would like to know what you
would prescribe as a problem that would be better suited to Tcl than to
Python. I am much more interested in problems that would take over 100
lines of Python code than in tiny ones, BTW. I am similarly curious
about non-trivial problems that lend themselves naturally to VB (the
language, not the development environment) and Perl.

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