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Wed Mar 1 18:33:00 CET 2000

[Donn Cave, on Wed, 01 Mar 2000]
:: Quoth "Dennis E. Hamilton" <infonuovo at>:
:: | I am teaching my 35-year-old son about programming using Python.  He is a
:: | musician and has learned to do impressive things with the DVD + CD-RW + SB
:: | Live! on the Windows system that I set up for him.  He does his own web
:: | pages, surfs a lot, and can get around pretty well.  He wanted to know how
:: | to do more and learn how people do multi-media, game animation, and so on.
:: | I figured this was a good occasion to get involved with Python for some
:: | projects I have and as a learning laboratory for him, rather than getting
:: | into C Language, GUI object manipulation, etc.

:: Following up here mainly just as an excuse to re-post this great article!

Yes, a great article and a worthy subject. Since it will likely give
rise to some discussion which could enrich the brand new edu-sig, I'd
like to suggest that it be moved there:

Donn or Dennis, would you consider forwarding it?

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