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On Wed, 01 Mar 2000 23:11:28 GMT, thantos at (Alexander
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> Gentlemen, there is a /reason/ that Introduction to Computing 101 and
> Basics of Programming 102 take half a year to introduce together, and
> its not just because of the quarter system in the local college.  Many
> people need that much time to pick up the lexicon and assumptive web
> of associations that we, as programmers, make use of every single
> day.  Like any other field with its own symbology and culture, it
> takes time to get the grounding in the true basics.
	And, naturally, Python then goes and turns around one of the
main concepts of the old Intro classes... That variable names map to
fixed addresses...

	A = B + 3
Intro=> find the box at address B, copy the contents into a
register/accumulator, add 3 to it, then find the box at address A and
replace the contents with the stuff in the register.

Python=>find the box with the "B" post-it note stuck to the front,
create a copy of the contents in some empty box, add three to the
contents of the (formerly) empty box, create a post-it note with "A" on
it, and stick the post-it note to the box

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