MetaKit for python (Mk4py) on Macintosh ... no way :(

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at
Wed Mar 1 11:00:02 CET 2000

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claird at (Cameron Laird) wrote:

> One mystery to me:  why doesn't DB2 get
> more attention?  Version 6 has large

hmm ... I know DB2 stands on the top of the stack ... To my eyes, it 
seems to be the best RDBMS around.
But ... I've no experience with DB2 and ... even if it's free of charge 
for Linux, it's not open source.
If there are binaries for LinuxPPC ... I'll try DB2.

> desktops.  If I didn't have MetaKit, I'd
> probably go in a much different direc-
> tion and see how nicely Python and DB2
> can play together.

Nice way to explore ;-)


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