What is Python 3000?

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> >I've seen multiple references to this in many threads.  What exactly
> >it?  A long term goal of a Python revision or version?  I had an
> >look at the python site, and didn't find anything.  Anyone care to
> >enlighten me?
> Nobody knows what it is yet.  It is the version that will break some
> compatibility with the existing Python implementations (probably in a
> way similar to the move from Perl4 to Perl5).

at the 8th Int'l Python Conference in late January,
Guido announced that Python 2.0 has been officially
renamed as Python 3000 or "Py3K" for short.

This version will feature numerous architectural
changes and will more than likely break lots of
stuff... hopefully for the better!

anyway, he concluded by saying that at least it
should be on-time, if not a bit early!  ;-)

hope this helps!!


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