Newbie - help in opening and reading a file from >>>

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Mon Mar 27 07:55:36 CEST 2000

>>> open('c:/autoexec.bat')
<open file 'c:/autoexec.bat', mode 'r' at 1b38ef0>


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On Sun, 26 Mar 2000 21:17:37 GMT, Jerome Chan <eviltofu at>
>> I've just installed 1.5 on my Windows 98Se system
>> I'm trying to execute the following-
>> >>>f=open('C:\Autoexec.bat')
>> and I get a no such directory or file error
>> Is there some parameter or path that I must set?
>>  Would apprecaite any clues...
>You must escape the \?

Back in the bad old days, I always used forwards slashes when
programming under DOS for just this reason (it also made them
more portable when moving code between DOS, VMS, and Unix).
Does win32 still accept forwards slashes in pathnames the way
DOS used to?

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