Request for suggestions: a Workflow application

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> I have to write a typical workflow, e-mail-based, application and I wonder
> which (Python) tools I can use.
> The task is as follows:
> 1) I have a group (or a "sequence") of mail boxes. One of the boxes
> represent the common "entry point" for all the messages coming from the
> outside.
> 2) Associated to the "entry point" mail box, there is a script that parses
> the incoming messages.
> 3) Depending on the content of the message, the program performs an
> For example it send a copy of the message to someone else, maybe after
> having changed it a little bit.
> 4) Associated to any other mail box, there is a script that process the
> incoming message in a similar way.
> 5) The path from a box to another is defined in an external database.
> I wonder:
> 1) Which mail server (or list server) can I use? SendMail? MailMan?
> Majordomo? (of course, I'm able to modify a free, Python based program if
> needed...)
> 2) Is there any program that fit this task (a wheel worth not to
> reinvent...)?
> 3) Is there any (obscure?) Python module that can help me in writing this
> program, beside the POP3 and SMTP modules?
> Thanks.
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