Advice requested: GUI project beginning

Ralph Heinkel heinkel at
Fri Mar 31 10:43:18 CEST 2000

Russell E. Owen <owen at> wrote:

> My development platform is Mac. I'd like to stick to that, but fear it's 
> not reasonable with Python because:
> - No threads on the Mac. (yet)
> - Tkinter is flaky on the Mac. For instance it doesn't run in the IDL 
> and it doesn't fully quit.

> Any comments? If I do switch, is Python development or support notably 
> superior under unix or windows -- aside from OS preferences? (Please no 
> OS flame wars.)

My follow up question is tightly related to Russell's post:

Is there an easy way to directly use the native MAC-GUI library from
python? In order to write native MAC applications I guess this would
be the best solution.


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