JPython vs. Javascript?

Patrick Phalen python-list at
Tue Mar 28 00:21:10 CEST 2000

[Kojo Idrissa, on Mon, 27 Mar 2000]
:: Thanks for the response.  I'm aware that Java !=Javascript, but I guess my 
:: general question was more of a "Java Applet vs. Javascript" question, not a 
:: "JPython vs Javascript" question.  I thought that might be the case.  It's just 
:: that since I don't really know Java, the way I was going to make applets was 
:: through JPython.  From your response, it looks like the functionality of the 
:: two is very different.  You're right, I basically want to add some functions to 
:: static web pages...mostly the ability to have people be able to "respond" to a 
:: page or set of pages and have their repsonses sent to me for analysis.  Ah, the 
:: life of a researcher.
:: Thanks again, and if there's anything I've missed or am overlooking, please let 
:: me know.

I remain confused about what exactly you want to do.

You've mentioned Python, JPython, Java, Javascript, and applets, but
not forms or CGI. If you want to ask for and record simple feedback, it
sounds like you need to create an HTML form and write a CGI script,
which you certainly could do with CPython, with the aid of the cgi
module and possibly HTMLgen.

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