mxODBC SQL Type error with MS SQL Server

Bill Hunter bkhunter at
Wed Mar 29 03:00:43 CEST 2000

Any thoughts on how best to understand  which parts of Python DB API
Version 1.0 to use? 

I was going by the fetchall() section in

which said:

Fetch all rows of a query result, returning as a list of tuples. Note
that the cursor's arraysize attribute can affect the performance of
this operation. 

Bill Hunter

On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 17:50:14 +0200, Anders M Eriksson
<anders.eriksson at> wrote:

>On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 00:03:53 -0800, Bill Hunter <bkhunter at>
>>I am a few hours into trying to use mxODBC.  Environment is Windows NT
>>using ODBC to talk to a local SQL Server test database.
>>With the following extension of Marc's test program (basically just
>>forming the connection to SQL Server and plugging in some SQL) I get:
>>Traceback  (innermost last):
>>   File "", line 10, in ?
>>      mydata = mycursor.fetchall()
>>mxODBC.InterfaceError: SQL type (code -9) not implemented.
>mxODBC supports Python DB API Version 1.0. which doesn't support
>// Anders

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