crimes in Python

Jason Stokes jstok at
Thu Mar 9 07:12:21 CET 2000

Tim Peters wrote in message <000501bf897a$f7a71180$0d2d153f at tim>...
>[Kragen Sitaker]
>> ...
>> Well, the lines are things like this:
>> 2911.02,"ROBBERY - FORCE, THR",foo,bar,baz
>> And I want something like ['2911.02', 'ROBBERY - FORCE, THR', 'foo',
>> 'bar', 'baz'] as a result.  Note that the comma in the robbery field
>> doesn't split the field.
>The problem with these kinds of formats is that nobody defines them
>carefully enough to know what to do.

He could be dealing with an existing format.  Many spreadsheets can be
persuaded to export their data in a format independent way only with comma
separated flat ascii files, for example.

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