fatal SIGSYS under irix

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Thu Mar 2 19:18:03 CET 2000

Quinn Dunkan <quinn at mono.ugcs.caltech.edu> wrote:
> Irix hits the process with SIGSYS, bad system call (for both fseek and
> fseek64), which seems like a sane, if harsh, thing to do.  The man page
> doesn't mention what happens if you mess up the seek arg, but I guess now
> know.  Maybe posix doesn't specify this, and it's just a difference of
> between irix and reasonable people

the single unix specification says that if the file-position indicator
would be set to a negative value, fseek should set the error code
to EINVAL and return -1.

in other words, Irix is not a Unix system ;-)


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