Stackless/microthreads merge news

Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Mar 13 19:40:03 CET 2000

Just van Rossum wrote:
> At 2:02 PM +0100 13-03-2000, Christian Tismer wrote:
> >Even more, it is possible to run micro-threads in every
> >real thread. For a real thread, microthreads are just
> >Python code. Every thread state has its own microthread
> >handler.
> Wow: that'll sure cause some brain explosions here and there...
> But: microthreads and select() seem a very cool combination!
> (It would be interesting to know how microthreads perform compared to OS
> threading as well as to no threading at all, just to see what the overhead
> is.)

And we're just at the first version. Currently there is only
one global tasks variable, and more work needs to be done
to make that threadsafe. But first we'll play with that.

But I'm thinking of some more. It should be possible to have
microthreads that don't block with a real thread switch.
They would just move into another thread that is micro-enabled
and continue there. It isn't that easy, needs more care about
switching and recursions, but well :-)

nomad-thread-ly y'rs - chris

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