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greg Landrum greglandrum at
Sun Mar 19 17:18:30 CET 2000

"Snoopy :-))" wrote:
> >     export PYTHONPATH=/home/charly/Pydir    <-- If not, just do this
> >     python
> >     >>> import mymodule
> I did the above and it seem to work.  However it is only effective while I am logged in.  If
> I loggout and log back again I have to use the above in order for things to work.  This is
> confirmed by one of the Linux Books which states that this is a temporaary solution.  The
> book say that in order to make it permanent  the
> "PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:.:/home/charly/Pydir "  should be placed in the
> "/home/charly/.bash_profile"  file.

Assuming that .bash_profile is the correct name of the file (I always used
you are almost there.  As Randall said, you need to do:
export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:.:/home/charly/Pydir
in that file.  Notice the "export" bit, it's important.

If this does not work, make sure that your .bash_profile is actually
getting read.
You can do this by adding:
echo "Hi Charly"
at the bottom.  If you do not see this message when you log in or start a
new shell,
then that file is probably not being read.

> answer.  Purhaps if I bug people in these groups  long enough,some one will  help me see the
> light.  I sure would appreciate it.

I wouldn't advise using bugging people as an strategy for getting answers.

I hope this helps,


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